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I didn’t realize how much I needed to learn about writing and publishing when I first set out on my author journey. I faced unexpected setbacks and challenges, but eventually my dream was realized when I held my first book in my hands. 

With the success of When Helping You Is Hurting Me, I discovered that my desire to help others could be accomplished and even expanded by reaching thousands of readers I’d probably never meet. I found my purpose. As I continued on this path, I learned even more about the art of writing and how to successfully navigate the publishing industry.

At this point in my life, my goal is to help new authors like you achieve your publishing dreams. My team and I are eager to show you how to avoid the pitfalls, locate hidden short-cuts and achieve more in less time than if you took this journey alone. 

Let’s work together so that you can have the same empowering experience I did. Soon you will be able to hold your beautifully written and designed book in your hands.

Carmen Berry, New York Times bestselling author
Founder of Berry Powell Press

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