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SERVICES+MORE sessions and packages are perfect for authors who want personalized attention and assistance. Our one-on-one sessions are customized specifically for your needs. They are available in one-hour sessions or a package of three one-hour sessions. We offer three types of services.


We're all about dreaming big dreams and thinking outside the box. So, we're on board to help you navigate the complexities of the publishing industry and make informed and effective decisions. With so much conflicting information, it can be hard to know who to trust. Our company is known for integrity and transparency. Our only goal is to help you reach yours


  • What are the Three Options Available in the Publishing Industry?

  • Do I Have A Competitive Book Idea?

  • How Can I Develop a Creative Support Network?

  • How Can I Structure My Writing Schedule?


Schedule Your Services 

  • One hour: $125 

  • Three one-hour sessions: $300 

To schedule a one-hour session or a package of three one-hour sessions click below. You will not be charged until your services are scheduled.​​


Our writing coaches can take you from the first word to the last, and will help you define your audience, genre, and topic. Even though we have yet to meet you, we are confident that you're one of a kind and have a significant message that could impact your reader’s lives. While we don't make empty promises, authors who have worked with our writing coaches have written award-winning books.


  • What Are the Four Structures of a Self-Help Book?

  • What Tools Can I Use to Organize My Fiction Book?

  • What Type of Writer Am I?

  • How Can I Accelerate Creativity and Overcome Writer’s Block?

  • What are the Five Stages of a Compelling Story Arc?

  • How do I Write Engaging Nonfiction Stories?


Schedule Your Services 

  • One hour: $125 

  • Three one-hour sessions: $300 


To schedule a one-hour session or a package of three one-hour sessions click below. You will not be charged until your services are scheduled.



“As a creative soul, I knew what I wanted to write about, but organizing my thoughts and understanding what was needed to make a great book was beyond me. Then I started working with a BPP writing coach. I was given a step-by-step writing process, and loads of support and understanding. I’m so glad I found BPP.” 

–Maria Perez-Gomez, author of The Magical Closet Mystery


Before approaching a prospective publisher or sending your material to be formatted for self-publishing, your manuscript deserves to be raised to a level equal to the time and passion you have invested in its writing.

Skipping or skimping on editorial services will be immediately noticed by experienced publishing professionals. Today's readers are savyy and quick to distinguish a book that lacks sufficient editing. Our services focus on the editing process, taking you from start to finish. 

Three Levels of Manuscript Evaluation and Editing


​1. Structure/ Developmental Editing

A savvy author knows the importance of creating a solid structural foundation before pouring your inner soul onto the page. Developmental editing is essentially "pre-writing," focusing on concept creation and design. We review your ideas and then meet with you to collaborate in the idea-design phase of writing. 

This is the time to identify your audience, select your genre, and clarify what you want to say. An experienced structural editor will save you valuable time so that your creative energy is laser-focused on the highest quality and efficient productivity. 

Well-versed in creating various book structures, our developmental editors help you build a format that matches your message. You will anticipate and eliminate fundamental structural errors, often resulting in repetition or intuitive leaps that can bore or bewilder your readers. Start it well for a smoother process and higher quality end product.

2. Writing / Copy Editing
The next phase of creating your book is putting flesh on the bones, or words into the structure. As you write your manuscript, having an editor review and help you revise is helpful. 


  • ​The tone of writing in your manuscript establishes the relationship between you and your reader. Few things are more important than engaging your readers. 

  • We recommend revisions to ensure that the entire manuscript is written in the consistent voice of the author. 

  • Vocabulary and sentence structure are carefully evaluated, and the level of readability is tested so that your writing matches the reading level of your chosen audience. 

  • Copyeditors verify factual statements and correct any errors that might have slipped by.

  • We assess the strength of the story arc in fiction and memoirs and the story illustrations used in nonfiction books.  

3. Polishing / Proofreading

A polished manuscript is in the details that only an experienced proofreader can provide. 

  • Our editors will check for correct spelling and grammar and keep capitalization, hyphenation, and syntax consistent. 

  • Every element of the manuscript is evaluated, including footnotes, citations, and quotations.

  • The entire manuscript receives a final readthrough, checking all headings for consistency and accuracy. 

  • Our editors follow the guidelines presented in the Chicago Manual of Style.  

Schedule Your Services
One-hour evaluation session: $125 

During the one-hour evaluation session, we discuss the level of editing your manuscript needs. To set up this session, please click here. You will not be charged until your appointment is confirmed.


Ongoing editing services range from $60 to $125 per hour, depending upon the subject matter’s complexity, including footnotes and citations, manuscript length, and design factors that require additional editing. During the one-hour evaluation session, we discuss the level of editing your manuscript needs, and agree upon the scope of service in writing prior to being charged fees.  

To schedule your one-hour session click below. You will not be charged until your session is scheduled.


BPP publishing services are not included in Option 2. SERVICES+MORE. If you are interested in becoming a BPP Author,

we are delighted to invite you to click on Option 1: PUBLISH+MORE.

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