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We Offer Two Author-Focused Services Options 

Which One is the Best Fit for You?


Become a Berry Powell Press Author

All-Inclusive Author-Focused Publishing Package

The choice for storytellers, visionaries, masterminds, and creatives who value professional excellence. Are you ready to realize your dream of becoming a successful published author?

​PUBLISH+MORE is one of the publishing industry’s most comprehensive author-focused service packages today. 

  • BPP publishes books of the highest quality, providing authors with the benefits of hybrid publishing. Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, cover design, interior layout, licenses, and distribution online and through bookstores are included.   

  • But we know that authors need more than mere "book publishing" services. Authors need trustworthy guidance and support throughout their author journey. We understand that creativity rarely thrives in isolation, so our authors receive individualized coaching, mentoring, and consulting services. 

  • And we take it one step further by welcoming you into our creative community exclusive to BPP authors. Experience your joys and challenges with other authors who are sharing the same author adventure 

When we say that Berry Powell Press is "author-focused," it isn't simply a slogan. It's a mission that has turned into our business plan.


It's a clear formula: YOU + BPP = MORE.

Imagine What We Can Create 
by Combining Your Message
With Our Expertise and Creative Community

We look forward to learning more about your vision. 


Customize the Specific Services You Need

One-on-One Personalized Services

The choice for authors who want personalized attention and assistance. Work at your own pace through our customizable one-hour sessions or our packages of three one-hour sessions. 

SERVICES+MORE is designed for flexibility and customization to get your questions answered, your manuscripts expertly edited, and the training and coaching you need to succeed. Our services are divided into three categories


We're all about dreaming big dreams and thinking outside the box. So, we're on board to help you navigate the complexities of the publishing industry and make informed and effective decisions. With so much conflicting information out there, it can be hard to know who to trust. Our company is known for integrity and transparency. Our only goal is to help you reach yours. 


Our writing coaches can take you from the first word to the last, and help you define your audience, genre, and topic. Even though we have yet to meet you, we are confident that you're one of a kind and have a significant message that could impact your reader’s lives. While we don't make empty promises, authors who have worked with our writing coaches have written award-winning books.


Every manuscript needs at least three levels of professional editing. First is structural editing to ensure a logical flow or story arc, avoid repetition or intuitive leaps, and carefully select the best entry point for your readers. Our copyeditors focus on writing style for consistency of tone, removing sentence-structure quirks (we all have those), and smoothing out your words. Finally, proofreading cleans up any grammatical or punctuation mistakes to polish your manuscript.

Imagine What You Can Accomplish 
by Getting the Exact Services You Need.

Together, we can do great things.

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