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Brett Krablin, MD

An avid reader, adventurer, and philosopher all his life, Brett Krablin has an eclectic and extensive list of favorite authors. His library of books with highlights, sticky notes, and personal reflections points to a journey of deep thoughts, self-awareness, and an enthusiasm for learning. His life path has been one of refinement, second chances, and growth.

It wasn’t until recently that Brett entertained the idea of being an author. Blending his self-discipline, zeal for a new challenge, and accumulated philosophical musings and anecdotes, Brett began writing essays. Sharing his personal story alongside great writings is intended to awaken questions and propel growth in his readers.

Brett Krablin, M.D., currently provides patient care for many nursing and assisted living facilities in Oklahoma City. He and his wife, Cristy, live in Edmund, Oklahoma, and share their passions for mindfulness practices and physical fitness. Brett is a proud father of four boys.

As a first-time author, Brett is composing a thoughtful non-fiction work titled Second Chance Living, Notes for the Modern Nomad, to be published in Spring 2025.


Works by Brett Krablin


Second Chance Living, Notes for the Modern Nomad (Working Title)

Second Chance Living, Notes for the Modern Nomad, the upcoming book by author Brett Krablin, is a curated collection of original essays, book excerpts, poems, and song lyrics presented in an easily accessible anthology. Krablin uses the concept of the nomad's journey to introduce one hundred and eight insightful pieces meant to invite deep personal reflection and change. Readable yet challenging, each essay serves as a tether to connect the deeper aspects of our spiritual paths with the everyday happenings of a normal, hectic life. Krablin focuses on the universal challenges and joys we all share while pursuing originality and authenticity.

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