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Become a Berry Powell Press Author

All-Inclusive Author-Focused Publishing Package

The choice for storytellers, visionaries, masterminds, and creatives who value professional excellence. Are you ready to realize your dream of becoming a successful published author?

Often, publishing is a transaction between you (the author) and the publisher (the gatekeeper) about your book (the property). The conversation focuses on whether or not your book will be accepted for publication. Complete congrats if it is! You've got a publisher. If not, well, you're back to the drawing board.

Berry Powell Press works in a much different way. While the final result will be a top-quality book, our creative process starts with you, the author.

Rather than looking for properties to publish, we seek authors with something they're passionate about sharing. We cultivate new voices and old souls who have messages that are demanding to be written. Writers whose imaginations are filled with brilliant plot twists. Overcomers who are driven to share the wisdom they've gained through their battles. The world needs problem-solvers and motivators, trouble-makers and healers, and those who cling stubbornly to hope. Our goal is to collaborate with creatives who have great stories burning in their souls and messages that can heal the weary world we share.

You Don't Need to be a Writing or Publishing Expert to Publish With BPP

Just think about this for a moment. Berry Powell Press is an extraordinary team of experienced professionals who already know the ins and outs of writing, editing, and publishing top-quality books. Our authors don't need to be publishing experts to publish with us. That's what we bring to the table. Our all-inclusive publishing package combines the benefits authors receive from hybrid publishing with one of the marketplace’s most comprehensive support and consultation programs today.  

Creativity Needs Company

You'll receive individualized coaching, mentoring, and consulting services customized for your needs and unique message.  We welcome you into our creative community, exclusive to BPP authors. Experience the joys and challenges of sharing the same author’s adventure with other authors. When we say that Berry Powell Press is "author-focused," it isn't simply a slogan. It's a mission that has turned into our business plan. It's a clear formula: YOU + BPP = MORE.

Imagine What We'd Create by Combining Your Message 
With Our Expertise and Creative Community


I recommend BPP to anyone who has a story within them but is struggling to get it out because they don't know where to start. I can't say enough about their writing coach team. I couldn’t do this without them.”

–Sophie Mukwana, author of the upcoming Nuru’s Leg Up

One of the Most Comprehensive Programs Available

Our publishing package combines the benefits authors receive from hybrid publishing with one of the marketplace’s most comprehensive support and consultation programs today. 

Creative Collaboration

and Support

  • One-on-one mentoring with Carmen Berry, New York Times bestselling author

  • Personal coaching through the writing and editing process

  • Your own professional publishing team that co-creates the book you envision 

  • Membership in our creative community of BPP Authors (perhaps the best of all)


Publishing Package

  • Editorial services (developmental, copy editing, proofreading)

  • Customized design (cover, illustrations, interior formatting)

  • Publishing licensing (Library of Congress, copyright, ISBN, etc.)

  • Print-on-demand publishing

  • Domestic and International Distribution (Amazon and Ingram Lightening Source)

Consultation for

Impact and Income 

  • Niche selection based on market research

  • Branding design to expand reader engagement

  • Website essentials to provide value to readers

  • Promotion network to maximize sales

  • Efficient social media strategies and more


“BPP Is not just a publisher. They’re a team of teachers and coaches that helped me write a great book. Their designer created a top-notch book cover, bringing my idea to life.”

–Mike E Reynolds, author of Darkness Dwells in Dixie

Let's Discuss Finances

Some publishers sell time-limited standardized service packages at a set price. We uniquely set our fees based not on the quantity of services we provide but on the time it takes us to co-create and publish your book.  

Total Access to Our Services

When you're a BPP author, we hold nothing back. You have regular access to Carmen's mentoring, your writing coach's editorial brilliance, our production team's expertise, our publishing and distribution efforts, and our author network. You pay us monthly from the time we start working together until the month your book is published.  

The More Sales, the Higher the Royalties

We split royalties starting at 50/50%, but we reward your efforts. The more copies your books sell, the higher your royalty grows, up to a 75/25% spit. We invest heavily in you because our success as a publisher is based on your success as an author. We're true partners. 


Ongoing Cross-Promotion

After we work with you to create the best book possible and your book is published, you continue to be part of our author community free of charge. You can access support, new ideas, and cross-promotion through our platform and other authors. All our authors have a page on BPP's website and are promoted through our social media and podcasts. We continue to promote your book in this way for maximum sales. 



For the highest-level book project, such as a novel, a self-help book, a children's four-color picture book, or a specialized format that requires an illustrator, we charge $1,250 per month. If your book is a smaller project, our monthly fees are lower. We need to meet with you to get the details so we can quote you an exact price.


Calculating Costs


How can you calculate the cost? Let's say your book is between 40,000 and 50,000 words and takes ten months to complete. Multiply the months by our monthly fee of $1250 and your total cost would be $12,500. If it took six months, the cost would be $7,500. If it took a year, the cost would be $15,000. The longer the timeframe, the higher the cost.

You might wonder whether these folks at BPP would drag their feet to charge you more. That's easy to answer. We make more profits from book sales than from providing services. We are as eager to publish your book as you are, and maybe even more. So, we've no motivation to string this out.

The total cost usually depends on the time the author invests in completing their book. While there are fixed costs—producing and publishing your book takes about four months. The writing time is in your hands. Authors who spend the least time on their books take longer to finish. We urge authors to invest a minimum of 10 hours per week. You can save more time if you can devote yourself fully to the project. 

  Our Commitment to Integrity  

BPP was founded by Carmen Berry, an author who was offered numerous contracts from publishers that put their interests above her own. That's not the way our company operates.

Our goal is to create a long-lasting publishing partnership with our authors. So we negotiate terms for mutual benefit. BPP contracts are written clearly and discussed thoroughly. There are no additional fees or up-sells hidden in industry jargon. In other words, Carmen never offers a contract she wouldn’t sign as an author. 


PUBLISH+MORE is our exclusive publishing package. If you are still exploring your publishing strategy, plan to self-publish, or want to pursue a traditional publishing house, our consulting, coaching, and editing services available through

Option 2: SERVICES+MORE will best meet your needs.

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