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Integrity Above Ideology (Working Title)

The Dangers of Tolerating Corruption

Book Release Coming Soon

Integrity Above Ideology presents Dr. Adhikary's personal quest to understand the significant role personal integrity plays in politics. A combination of personal memoir, international travelogue, and political critique, Adhikary argues that no political system can be just, even the best efforts toward democracy, when leaders are themselves corrupt. With insight, research and personal experiences, Adhikary reveals the current crisis resulting from the lack of integrity in leadership. Corruption is tolerated to the detriment of our own freedom. The reader is finally challenged to examine how their own commitment to personal integrity can impact the political system in which they live, with a focus on the current peril facing global democracy.

  Author Poorna Adhikary  


Poorna Adhikary, EdD and certified Peace Professional, has devoted his life to the study and promotion of international conflict resolution, peace keeping efforts and anti-corruption advocacy. As a young boy, Adhikary witnessed his father's illegal arrest during a non-violent effort to confront political injustice in his small village in Nepal. Inspired by his father's commitment to integrity in the face of corrupt officials, Adhikary became a negotiator, educator, and scholar. Adhikary's skills and insights have been utilized by the United States (USAID, UNICEF, UNESCO) as well as efforts in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and South Asia. Specifically, he has served in Iran, Qatar, Doha, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Cambodia, Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia. His unique views on the connection between personal integrity, political ideology, and the impact of systemic corruption is the focus of his writings. Initially pursuing a career in physics and mathematics, Adhikary earned his Bachelor of Science in his home country of Nepal, went to India for his Master of Science in Mathematics, and completed his Doctorate in Education from Indiana University in the United States. He completed his post-doctoral Study and Internship on Third World Development with Professor Paulo Freire at the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland. Receiving a research grant from Indiana University, he engaged in field work in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Today he lives with his wife in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he writes, speaks, and advises a variety of innovative organizations. He is fluent in four languages, Nepalese, English, Hindi, and Spanish.

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