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Janet Boydell

Growing up in Southern California, Janet Boydell earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in law and finance from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. Janet began her career in accounting, working in the field of corporate finance. In 1996 she shifted into the world of executive retained search, leading her to start her own company, A Hire Connection, Inc. While at the helm there, she wrote two books related to strategic management and best hiring practices.

Janet took her skill to the next level when she began presenting half-day workshops to CEO groups, based on her two books about how to significantly improve hiring success. She served as a partner in two engineering-related firms where she was instrumental in successfully growing and managing a multi-million-dollar staffing division. For more than thirty years Janet helped companies and candidates make great connections and achieve mutually satisfying goals.

Regardless of Janet’s success in the world of business, to her family and friends, she is known for her storytelling. Her children and grandchildren are delighted with Janet’s mysteries and whimsical tales of all sorts of people and places. Upon retiring in 2022, Janet decided it was time to focus on writing multiple stories she’s developed during the past forty years.

Janet has two books in publication. She is co-author of You’re NOT The Person I Hired!: A CEOs Survival Guide To Hiring Top Talent (Oct. 2005), and author of A Hire Connection: How to Make Your Next Hire Your Best Hire (Oct. 2007).


Works by Janet Boydell


Malignant Greed (Working Title)

When four billionaires are found dead, all within a few days, Detective Adama Baptiste, Investigator Bridget Murphy, along with a cast of capable and unusual assisting characters, work the crime scenes, each time hitting a wall. Nothing makes sense. Each death is macabre with very few clues. Adama and Bridget sometimes butt heads, other times find themselves wanting to do more together than just work, but ultimately, the secrets that attach their world in NYC with several deceased ancient rulers in Senegal, West Africa, are unveiled. Malignant Greed will send your thoughts searching for answers through the clues Adama and Bridget uncover, but as author Janet Boydell takes you deeper into the story, you might begin to wrestle with the idea of human greed and just how frightfully deadly it can be. Be watching for Janet Boydell’s Malignant Greed in early 2025.

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