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Second Moms

The Healing Power Of Women Who Love Us As Their Own

Book Release Coming Soon

Unlock the Transformative Power of "Second Moms."

The journey to adulthood is complex, and even the best mothers can't provide everything we need. Enter the “second moms” or “other mothers”: mentors, friends, and guides who shape our lives in unexpected ways. Although widely experienced, their significance remains seldom explored—until now.


In Second Moms, Dr. Shin-Yu Lee shares her personal journey of being "re-raised" by four extraordinary women who helped her break generational patterns and find her own path.


This book offers readers the tools to:

  • Define unmet needs

  • Recognize mentors from past and present

  • Harness these women’s wisdom

  • Create a growth-oriented village


Heartfelt and humorous, this book empowers young women to create multigenerational relationships that give us liberating permission to be our authentic selves.

  Author Shin-Yu Lee  


Dr. Shin-Yu is a residency-trained and board certified clinical pharmacist with ten+ years of experience in providing clinical care to highly complex and vulnerable patient populations. In addition to her clinical work, she has led hundreds of individuals on the pathway to their next career through career coaching. She has been recognized repeatedly for her efforts to teach and train others, propelling her to put her focus on educating and coaching patients and families. She recently stepped away from her full-time clinical leadership role to focus on her passion as a patient advocate, parent coach, and most importantly, being a mom to her two children with chronic medical conditions. She is committed to using her story as a cycle breaker of generational trauma and her expertise in navigating complex healthcare systems to empower parents—particularly women—to move from surviving to thriving. With that focus and change came a burning desire to share what she has learned with a larger audience than possible in everyday life. Hence, her upcoming book tells the story of how women mentoring women—from different backgrounds and walks of life—can radically transform one’s life trajectory and leave a forever impact on generations to come.

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