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Fear Traps

Escape the Triggers That Keep You Stuck

Are you afraid of loneliness or failure, confrontation, or facing the unknown? Fear Traps equips readers to heal trauma and take on new challenges with confidence and resilience. Dr. Stella shows us that fear is normal, but fear does not need to control you. If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of coping mechanisms that just keep making things worse, there is a way out.

With over thirty years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Nancy Stella, PsyD, PhD, helps us get unstuck by teaching us how our brains store painful memories. Her Courageous Brain Process (CBP) provides six science-based steps you can take to successfully manage your fears.


• IPPY - Independent Publisher Book Awards, Silver Medal, Psychology/Mental Health

• 2022 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS, Finalist, Health: Psychology/Mental Health

• 2022 Readers Favorite Book Award Winner, Bronze Medal - Non-Fiction, Self Help

  Author Nancy Stella  

Nancy Stella, Ph.D., Psy.D. has been a leading clinical psychologist in the Cincinnati area for over twenty years. As former President and owner, Dr. Stella expanded BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Center into one of Ohio’s largest private, multispecialty mental health practices with over seventy-five providers. After a shattering divorce, Dr. Stella found traditional therapeutic approaches wanting, and developed the Courageous Brain Process (CBP), an innovative, science-based method of therapy. Rooted in the most up-to-date neuroscience, it bypassed the shortcomings of traditional talk therapy to repattern the way our brains process fear. ​ When the results proved to be undeniably effective, Dr. Stella left BridgePointe in 2014 to open a counseling practice focused solely on the CBP. As a result, countless clients have been able to break free of self-destructive patterns triggered by unresolved fear. In addition, Dr. Stella provides training and consultation to other clinicians who want to include this method in their practices. Nancy Stella holds two doctorates—a PhD in social psychology, and a PsyD in clinical psychology. She is the recipient of the American Psychological Association Monetary Award for her dissertation presen- tation in Toronto, and the First Phoenix Award from the Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology. She has sat on multiple professional and community boards, and has served as both the President and Ethics Chair of Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology. Dr. Stella has do- nated time to community organizations including Hospice of Cincinnati, Inter-Faith Hospitality Network, Meals on Wheels, Children’s Hospital, and Shriner’s Hospital. Dr. Stella lives in Cincinnati, OH with her three dogs and, for fun, she is currently learning Italian.

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