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Rhythms of Resilience

Faith Practices to Thrive in Chaos

We live in chaotic times. As Christians, we can easily become just as confused, angry, and overwhelmed as the rest of the world. Phil Chan explains how readers can build a spiritual life that doesn’t just survive but thrives when the world is at its craziest.

Tailored for people juggling work, family, ministry, and more, Rhythms of Resilience provides a framework for understanding how chaos disrupts our emotional and spiritual lives and what to do about it. Phil’s fifteen simple spiritual practices will help readers reclaim a vibrant relationship with God and fulfill the call to impact the modern world.

  Author Phil Chan  


Phil Chan is a blogger turned author with a passion for seeing Christians thrive in today’s world. He graduated with a Master of Divinity graduate degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and has been writing for over twenty years from Phil’s other works include a guide called Journaling for Spiritual Transformation and another work called God Moments to help busy people continually experience God’s presence. More recently, he has taught on spiritual practices and habits to help people develop resilience and realize their full potential in God. Beyond writing and teaching, Phil is an avid technologist, organizational leader, squatter of heavy weights, wrangler of multiple young kids, lover of his wife, home chef of kid-approved meals, and leader at church in various positions. He resides in Pasadena, CA where he enjoys the weather and the local taco trucks with his wife and four kids.

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