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Sophie Mukwana

From a young age, Sophie Mukwana enjoyed reading and writing, developing a keen interest in storytelling that has persisted throughout her life. Her love for science led her to pursue studies in biology and chemistry at a California university, providing her with a strong foundation in the scientific principles that underpin her professional career.

As a forensic scientist, Sophie combines her analytical skills with a passion for uncovering the truth. Outside of her professional life, she channels her creativity into writing, having been published in local magazines and maintaining a regular blog on health and wellness.

The impetus to write her current novel came after the birth of her second daughter, who was born with a clubfoot. Nuru’s Leg Up became a means for her to navigate and express the complex emotions she experienced while seeking treatment for her daughter.


Today, Sophie resides in Nairobi, Kenya, with her husband, their two children, and two beloved hamsters.


Works by Sophie Mukwana


Nuru's Leg Up (Working Title)

Nuru Majani is a sixteen-year-old high school junior with a club foot whose singular dream in life is to play sports. She tries. She tries hard. But her naturally protective parents do not seem to want to see her succeed! They are holding her back with their over-protectiveness. If only she could do what she wants, she could be anything she’d put her mind to! So Nuru makes a plan. It will take her siblings’ help, as well as help from her besties and the high school coach, to make her dream come true. But then, tragedy strikes. Nuru suffers a significant injury, and at one point, is even at risk of losing her life. With a change so dramatic that it almost takes away her resolve to succeed, Nuru is faced with the biggest challenge she will ever encounter. What will she do? Will she have the personal fortitude and internal strength to beat some of the worst odds conceivable to reach her goal? Sophie Mukwana’s Nuru’s Leg Up will tug at your heartstrings and bring you to tears and then bring your emotions full circle in celebration, only to dash your hopes for Nuru’s success more than once. Mukwana’s storytelling will have you crying with her and then cheering for her, but like her author, you’ll never give up on her. Nuru’s Leg Up will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2025.

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