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Viviana Hall

Viviana Hall was born in Colombia, South America, with Spanish as her first language. Now a Texan, she has become a passionate advocate for minority students and for increasing the acceptance of bilingualism in the general public.

With twenty years of experience in bilingual education, Viviana began her teaching career in a bilingual classroom at Garland ISD. She soon joined the faculty of acclaimed bilingual training programs at universities in North Texas, including Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas.

As the co-founder of Global Vida, Viviana has made significant contributions to bilingual education in North Texas by establishing critical teacher-training programs that focus on practical experiences. She emphasizes biliteracy development, leveraging the similarities and differences between the English and Spanish alphabets. As a subject matter expert, Viviana has helped create effective Spanish literacy programs globally. She has spoken at numerous events, guiding bilingual teachers to success.

Alongside her co-founder, Luz Roth, Viviana is writing her first book, ¿Hacia dónde va?, which explores the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries while teaching children about figurative language.


¿Hacia dónde va?

In this book, bilingual education experts Viviana Hall and Luz Roth take readers on the journey of an adventurous Crab and a homebody Hare. Spanish-speakers and Spanish-learners alike will discover fun Spanish onomatopoeias like CATAPLUM and TATARA while following the characters through the unique and vibrant culture of Mexico. Perfect for the home or the classroom, this book helps kids expand their figurative language skills while teaching them to always be curious about what they don’t understand.

Works by Viviana Hall

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